Class of 1925




This picture was in the first Denison High School annual. At the time there were only eleven grades, and this was in 1924, and these were tenth graders.



Glenna Robinson Judd, 1925 graduate of Denison High School was honored on her 100th birthday.


    Mrs. Judd was born in Denison Aug. 23, 1905, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Robinson and her grandfather, T.W. Robinson came to Denison when it was founded and owned the first bakery. 


    She also graduated from Sherman's Kidd-Key College and Conservatory and taught at Our Lady of Victory in Fort Worth. She was the one of the first women elected as an elder in the Presbyterian Church and was organist at the Sherman church for 50 years.


    In 1929 she married Raymond E. Judd in Denison and the couple moved to Sherman and established the Sherman Fuel and Feed Company. Mr. Judd died in 1963.


    From 1970 to 1972 she served in the Peace Corps in Liberia, where she taught sewing and music and served as organist of the Methodist Church in Cape Palmes, Liberia where President Tubman of Liberia worshiped.


    When she left Liberia, the entire town of Cape Palmas gathered at th air field to thank her for her service, friendship and love of Africa.


    In 1974 she served as a volunteer in Mission at Sheldon Jackson College in Sitka, Alaska and has traveled extensively in Africa, South America and Europe, including several European tours with the Austin College choir. After her husband's death she joined the staff of the Arthur Hopkins Library at Austin College.


    She was featured in a national publication, "Rooted in Faith: Women Who Touched the lives of Others" and in 1993 was featured in the national magazine "Horizon" in an article, "Women on the Go!".


    She now resides in Sherman.


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