Welcome Denison High School Class of 1956!

We had our class reunion  October 2006.



50th Class Reunion

October 2006


Just a quick note to all you good DHS folk.

For those of you with whom I reconnected at this weekend's reunion, thank each of you for your warmth and hospitality to someone who never went your high school. How great it was to see each of you and catch up on what you have been doing for the past half century.

Seeing you, collectively and individually, stirred tender spots in my heart that I did not know existed. Central Ward was more special to me than I ever realized because of you.

For those of you that were not there, you missed a great reunion and you were missed. A great time was had by all and hopefully you can make the next one.

Thanks for the wonderful hospitality. Attached are a few photos for your viewing (pleasure?).

Joel Ward

God Bless Our America



For pictures of our reunion, click here.


30th Class Reunion





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