Welcome Denison High School Class of 1998!

We had our class reunion  October 11, 2008.



April 24, 2013



My name is Phil Bostian, and I live in Goddard, Kansas.  My son, Joshua, recently purchased a used Acura car from a dealership in Dallas.  While he was installing a car stereo, he found a Denison High School class ring in the car, where it had fallen down into a recessed area.  I was wondering if you might be able to help locate the owner of this ring and have the person contact me so I can return it?


The ring is a ladies ring, gold color, with the following markings: "Denison High School", "98", and the name inside, "Carmen Ashley", name on the outside "Carmen", "Jackets", and an Aries zodiac symbol.  The following letters are printed inside the ring: "GTC LGB". It has a clear or white stone on the top.


I understand that this might look like a scam, but you can check my identity.  I am the Chief of Police in Park City, KS.  The city's web site is .  You will see my name listed on the "Police" section.


If you could provide any help so I can return this ring to its original owner, I would appreciate your assistance.  My office phone number is 316-744-2011, and my cell phone number is 316-200-5788.  Feel free to verify my identity if you wish.


Thanks in advance for your help.


Phil Bostian

Chief of Police

Park City, Kansas

6011 N. Hydraulic

Park City, KS 67219





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