Distinguished Alumni/Sports Hall of Fame/Outstanding Educator Awards



2014 (Click)

2014 Distinguished Alumni

State Representative Vernon Beckham, Class of 1931


2014 Sports Hall of Fame

DHS Football Coach Marty Criswell

Members and Coaches of the State Championship 1984 Football Team


2013 (Click)

2013 Distinguished Alumni

Ross W. Stoddard III, Class of 1968

B.C. Thomas, Class of 1960


2013 Sports Hall of Fame

Gregg Watson, Class of 1979

Scott Marr, Class of 1988


2013 Outstanding Educator Award

Dr. Bill Blankenship, Class of 1944

John and Nancy Terry, Both DHS Graduates


2012 (Click)

2012 Distinguished Alumni

Jeff B. Powell, Class of 1981

Dr. Rashona Thomas, Class of 1991


2012 Sports Hall of Fame

Raymond Lee Hicks, Class of 1943

Edward N. Hicks, Class of 1942


2012 Outstanding Educator Award

Dr. Henry Scott


2011 (Click)

2011 Distinguished Alumni

Robert Beckham, Class of 1960

Denton Lunch Bunch


2010 (Click)


2010 Distinguished Alumni

Carl E. Bilderback, Class of 1954

Joseph Duggan, Class of 1949

Jim Hightower, Class of 1961

Emily C. Jones, Class of 1967

Drewey D. McKnight, Jr., Terrell High Class of 1942


2010 Sports Hall of Fame

Dr. Jerome Duggan, Class of 1952

Fred A. Taylor, Class of 1938


2009 (Click)

2009 Distinguished Alumni

Doak Bishop, Class of 1967

Gregory T. Davis, Class of 1975

Philip N. Hurley, Class of 1969

Don Lummus, Class of 1954

David M. Munson, Class of 1945

Dr. Don Russell, Class of 1966


2009 Sports Hall of Fame

David Ray Smith, Class of 1962


2008 (Click)

2008 Distinguished Alumni

Edmond Ellis, Class of 1957

Hon. Horace Groff, Class of 1958

Dr. Linda Chapman Medearis, Class of 1957

Judith Waldene Trim Nevil, Class of 1958


2008 Sports Hall of Fame

Natalie Polk Cobb, Class of 1978

Aaron Jackson, Class of 1986

Coach M.M. Marshall



2007 (Click)

Distinguished Alumni

John Hoover, Class of 1956

Tom R. Murray, Class of 1957

Dr. C.J. Ransom, Class of 1958


Sports Hall of Fame

Coach Marty Criswell, 1981 - 1991

Tony Brown, 1956 - 2003 (posthumously)

Erick Harper, Class of 1986

Elmar Perry, Jr., Class of 1986


2006 (Click)

Distinguished Alumni

Judge Paul N. Brown, Class of 1943

Hulen L. Jackson, Class of 1931

William E. (Bill) Martin, Class of 1959

Robert M. (Bobby) Noe, Class of 1948

Dr. Phyllis Shaw, Class of 1958


Sports Hall of Fame

William (Bill) Lane, Class of 1951

Coach Leslie Willard Cranfill


2005 (Click)

Distinguished Alumni

David Bryant, Class of 1969

Jack Hicks, Class of 1947

Jack Lilley, Class of 1948

Gil A. "Sonny" Stricklin, Class of 1953

Gaylon Don Taylor Jr., Ph.D., P.E., Class of 1978

Dr. Francis Cornell Willis, Class of 1935


Sports Hall of Fame

Roy Sims "Butch" Goodman Jr., Class of 1957



Distinguished Alumni

Dr. Claud H. Organ Jr., MD, Class of 1944, Terrell High

Dr. Judith Thomas Ph.D., Class of 1956

Don Rice, Class of 1952

Dr. Jerome L. Duggan, Ph.D., Class of 1952


Sports Hall of Fame

Melvin Brown, Class of 1949



Distinguished Alumni

Danna Burns Harvey, Class of 1960

Donald Mayes, Class of 1932 (posthumously)

Donna Hunt, Class of 1953

Bill Jacobs, Class of 1947

Bob Cherry, Class of 1942


Sports Hall of Fame

Edward Butler, Class of 1949, Terrell High



Distinguished Alumni

Clora Bryant, Class of 1943, Terrell High

Ray Clymer, Class of 1942


Sports Hall of Fame

Mike Jordan, Class of 1963 (posthumously)

Howard Minor, Class of 1953

Oliver Jackson, Class of 1938



Distinguished Alumni

Claud Easterly, Class of 1925 (posthumously)

John Krattiger, Class of 1933 (posthumously)

Dr. Kendall Ray Phillips, Class of 1987

Dr. Dorothy Hawkins Rushing, Class of 1942

Noel D. Wall, Class of 1957


Sports Hall of Fame

Ralph Elliott, Class of 1969 (posthumously)

Glen Land, Class of 1948

Bob Leach, Class of 1952

Roy Jackson, Class of 1948

Fred Washington, Class of 1984



Distinguished Alumni

Doak Blassingame, M.D., Class of 1928

Ann Sproule Rowland, Class of 1947

Frank Darnell, Class of 1938

Lola Mae Hensley Stevens, Class of 1924

Buddy Wagner, NSN, Class of 1937

Judge (Ret.) R.C. Vaughan, Class of 1931


Sports Hall of Fame

Kenneth Ellis Kinnamon, Class of 1951

Edwina Leuty Bates, Class of 1948

Phil Shaffer, Class of 1962

Charlie Jackson, Class of 1946

Bill Ashburn, Class of 1952



Distinguished Alumni

Brigadier General (Ret.) Larry D. Lessly, Class of 1960


Sports Hall of Fame

Marvin J. Vincent, Class of 1949



Distinguished Alumni

Linus Wright, Class of 1944


Sports Hall of Fame

Jim Freeman, Class of 1960



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