Eisenhower Auditorium Dedication




A few high schools can boast an auditorium dedicated to a President of the United States , but very few can boast that the President was born in their city and was on hand for the dedication ceremony.

Denison High School can make that brag for on Sept. 1, 1965, former President Dwight David Eisenhower, who was born here on Oct. 20, 1890, paid his third and final visit as an adult to the city of his birth. He previously had come here as a Five Star General and while on the campaign trail for the nation’s highest office.

This time he had accepted an invitation to speak when the new auditorium at Denison High School was dedicated and named Eisenhower Auditorium in his honor.

He told the crowd in his opening remarks, “I would be redundant to say that I am merely proud that your city has seen fit to name this auditorium after me.” He addressed his remarks to the younger members of the audience, declaring that teenagers of that day were more widely versed than “we ever were.” “If they are old enough to be drafted, they are old enough to vote.” He declared.

Eisenhower arrived and departed in a helicopter that landed at Perrin Air Force Base, which still was in operation at the time. First stop on this visit was his birthplace, then his motorcade rode through downtown Denison to greet the public before he appeared on the Eisenhower Auditorium stage to address students and supporters.

Four years later on March 28, 1969, Denison ’s favorite son died of heart failure.

By Donna Hunt



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