Recently, I had the opportunity to go out to Denison High School.  The Denison Alumni Association, of which I am president, is trying to put together a full set of Denison High School yearbooks


The Journalism teacher said he would give us a copy of every yearbook he had on hand, so I went out to pick them up.  My having a lot of fond memories in that very building, started me feeling nostalgic! 


I began recalling all the wonderful memories that took place under that roof!  The teacher loaded me down with yearbooks that I toted out to my truck but decided to come back in for a personal "walk thru"!  As I strolled the halls, in my mind, I could see all the young and cute girls and the crazy boys that were my classmates.  I could hear students yelling, "Mr. Lessly" reverting back to my days as a substitute teacher.  The idea to go home and get my college transcript and come back and apply for a substitute teacher position popped into my head and was foremost in my thoughts as I continued my nostalgic tour.  It could all be the same again, I was thinking! 
As I finished my self-guided tour, I exited the front door and stepped out into the fresh air.  It was a glorious sun shiny day!  The air cleared my head and I suddenly remembered the last time I signed onto the substitute teacher list.  I thought I'd try that for a few months, gaining a new experience and exploring a new frontier.  I told myself, "at some point in time, I'll go get a real job"!  Ha!!  After all, I had just inherited a little money and I was rich!  LOL!  It was six years later when I finished that tour of duty!


Twice during that tenure, a teacher, for whatever reason, could not report back after the summer vacation and was going to be out the entire year.  They gave me a one year contract and I was employed full time for two of those six years.  I really never missed a day during the other four years either as I was a full time sub. 
Talking with a teacher friend, we had determined that there were only two teachers still working that were there during my six years.  I knew the reason why..........first, because the schools have a great retirement program but second.........that type of work, although fun and rewarding, is far too rich to hang in there for too long!  It's like eating rich and sugar loaded divinity at Christmas time, really great at first but you can't eat but very little because of the richness of the candy! 
Fortunately, the fresh air cleared my head and I scratched the idea before I even left the parking lot, however, it was a close call and one that lingers in my mind.  I must stay away from that high school!
Freddy Lessly


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