"Not to be Forgotten"



Larry D. Neasbitt was born in Sherman, Texas on March 1, 1946 and was reared in Denison, where he graduated from high School in 1963.  He worked for the H&H Auto Clinic during his school days.  "Larry always had an ambition to be a mechanic," his mother recalled.  "He spent many hours working on old autos." His sister, Linda Garland, remembered, "Larry was one of those people that enjoyed life.  He loved to smile and make you laugh.  He loved boating, water skiing, riding motorcycles and laughing."

Larry married his high school sweetheart, Vonna Ramey in Denison May 22, 1962 and moved to Garland, where he was employed by Continental Emsco Co.  His wife was a beautician there, and he was a member of the Baptist Church. He was drafted into the United States Army September 7, 1966. He took his basic training at Ft. Carson, Colorado and at Aberdeen, Md., prior to going to Vietnam in October of 1967.

Sgt. Neasbitt was reported missing on February 20, 1968 and later was listed as killed in action by rifle fire during patrol duty in Vietnam, near Chu Lai. He was 22 years old.

In a letter received by his mother after he was reported missing, the son described his patrol duty and explained, "I just can't bring myself to kill a man.  I don't know - maybe I will convince myself to kill soon, I just don't know.  I do not want to if I can help it."  Sgt. Neasbitt had commented earlier in his letter that the patrol captured as many men as it could.

His sister, Linda, recalled, "He was so Proud to serve his country.  He said if we didn't stop them over there they would be in our country.  When he left to go over he said that he wouldn't be back.  He would be in heaven watching over and taking care of us."


For the tears cried,

the lives lost,

for those who came home

for those who have been left behind

Thank You for your dedicated service

to Your Country and Your People

Your sacrifice has Not fallen in Vain

You will Not and Have Not been Forgotten


Linda's son-in-law, Chad Hobbs


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