Denison woman appeared on "The Price is Right"

After decades of watching and wishing, a Denison woman recently got an unexpected surprise when one of her dreams came true. Gina Dusek was a contestant on her favorite game show, The Price is Right. The episode featuring Dusek will air Jan. 3 on KXII.

“I have watched it (The Price Is Right) for 20 years now...playing the games, raising my kids, drinking my coffee and watching it,” says Dusek. The opportunity to see the show came earlier this season when Dusek’s husband, Forrest, won a trip to the Emmy Awards in Los Angeles through his business. The couple traveled to Los Angeles several days early in hopes that they could also be in a Price Is Right audience. The plan worked even better than they’d hoped.

“We went to two shows. The tickets are free,” explains Dusek. “They interview you as you go through the line to get your tickets. I had like a three percent chance of being chosen from all the people there. I told them, ‘I’ve just been dreaming to come here and get on that stage. I’m ready to do it!’”

The Duseks got front row seats and, before long, Gina’s name was called. From there on, she says she was “numb” from the shock and excitement. She took her place with the other contestants and had to guess the price of a ping pong table.

“It was just like being in outer space. I could not believe I was there,” says Dusek. “I couldn’t hear the people in the background. I’m sure they were yelling, but I just didn’t hear it.”

Lady luck was on Dusek’s side and she won the ping pong table which took her right on stage with the show’s host, comedian Drew Carey.

“Drew was really funny. It was like a sitcom. It was great during commercials. He would do a little comedian act and it was really neat,” says Dusek. “He’s really different than Bob Barker, but I think he’s really neat and he’s going to make the show neat once everybody gets used to it. It’s a whole new ball game with him because Bob Barker had been doing it so long. Lots of people are saying the show isn’t as good, but you can’t say that. You can’t change what Bob Barker did (for the show), but give Drew a chance to make it his show.”

Once on stage, Dusek played and lost the Safe Cracker Game and only spun for 45 cents on the giant wheel, one of the show’s trademark items. But even though she lost out on the big prizes, the experience will last a lifetime. She gives her spouse credit for making the dream come true.

“If Forrest wasn’t so great at what he does, we wouldn’t have gotten to go to L.A., so he really is the one who made my dream come true,” says Dusek. She continues, “It was neat to be there. It’s a once in a lifetime thing. Once you’ve been a contestant, you can’t ever do it again. My dream is over, but I got a ping pong table out of it!”

What’s in the future for Dusek?

“I want to get my dad (Dale Gouge) on Deal or No Deal,” says Dusek. “He’s a man who has given all his life, and he deserves it. I’m going to write them a letter about him.”

By Lynette George
Herald Democrat

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