Sandra Aynes, Saving Memories



Sandra Allen Webb Aynes is a pack rat like many other former Denison High students. 

She recently returned from a trip to California where she visited her daughter Deneen Borah.  Incidentally, Deneen came to Denison July 27 to attend the Denison High School Class of 1986 reunion. 

Anyway, while at Deneen's house Sandra took pictures of her daughter, who was born December 2, 1964, and Sandra's new granddaughter, Darrah Cheyenne, who was born May 3, 2006. 

Donny, Deneen and Darrah reside in Vacaville, California, near Travis Air Force base, where Donny now is stationed and soon will celebrate 20 years of dedicated service to the United States. 

In one picture Deneen is sitting in the rocking chair that Sandra's mother and father, Saint Elmo and Fay Allen, bought when Deneen was born in 1964.  She spend many hours rocking Deneen in that chair and now Deneen is rocking her own baby in it. 

In the second picture Deneen wears a light blue nightgown and robe set that Sandra's parents bought for her to wear while she was at Madonna Hospital for Deneen's birth.  Darrah wears a pink frilly outfit that the Denison Herald employees bought for Deneen to wear home from the hospital as a baby.  On the back side of the frilly pants is printed "Made in Texas." 

Deneen's father, Aubrey Webb, another DHS alumni, was an employee at the Herald at the time.


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