This group was started in 1954 with Slim Jordan, Pete Fisher, James Vest, Manuel Cole and Jack Lilley. Many others have come and gone to the great beyond.

All dressed up and no place to go – not these guys.

When Indians used to prepare for leaving this world, they would go out into the woods and lean up on a tree and wait to die there.

Not this bunch.

They have to make their morning coffee therapy session every day and if a family member has an emergency, it will just have to wait until the session is over. They tend to business first whether it be community decisions, school or athletic issues.

They are the core of what Denison is and can be. They have been here forever and always have all the answers to all the issues whether anyone listens or not.

They play “can you top this” with their aches and pains until someone says, “Get over it and move on.” And move on they do. They have their families raised and college behind them. All have an agenda and plans for the future. Life is good and they are in sinc with each other and bonded in a special way.

The highlight of the coffee is the “numbers game” which draws the meeting to a close with one in tears and the others in tears of laughter. The winner always pays for the group’s coffee. High loser was George Warren, losing seven times in a row. Clemmo McCoy is high loser for ten times in one month. It’s a game of chance – no skill required. You just need to be a good sport and not mind losing occasionally. It’s all in the fun of it.

We have had to let a few go into God’s hands, but are sure there is a table there ready for us too, and we will all have a grand reunion.

We’re all young at heart and are thankful we are able to renew our zest for life every morning with these brothers.

We are all blessed!



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